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Jussi Light, Licesnsed Marriage & Family Therapist

Hi, I’m Jussi

I’m committed to understanding and accepting you without judgment – I want you to  feel completely safe to open up, and receive the tools that will bring you success and healing.  You’ll find I’m not just a professional, but also a real person, with a sense of humor, who is down-to-earth.

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Bryson Greaves, Licesnsed Marriage & Family Therapist Carlsbad CA New Growth Counseling Services

Hi, I’m Bryson

My true passion in life is helping others succeed and supporting them on the journey.  Improving your intimate relationships and creating fulfilling family bonds are goals that energize me.  Making sure that you feel understood and cared-for is my focus and greatest concern.

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Mitzi Steele, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern Carlsbad CA New Growth Counseling Services

Hi, I’m Mitzi

I have a passion for helping people experience transformation in their lives to achieve their full potential with meaning and purpose. I provide a safe and caring space for you to explore difficult issues and give you the tools to strengthen your relationships and find hope.

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Jennifer Pudlo, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, New Growth Counseling

Hi, I’m Jenn

I love helping couples and families as well as children and individuals heal their hurting hearts, their relationships and their lives.  I’d be honored to walk with you toward your goals of living your best life!

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Testimonials for New Growth Counseling

Karen Merhringer

Karen Mehringer, Author, Speaker
 Jussi is an incredible therapist who is keenly intuitive and honoring of his client’s process. I trust him implicitly and highly recommend him for healing and transformation of any kind.

Dr. Mark MaxwellDr. Mark Maxwell, Couples Therapist

Jussi is an outstanding therapist, especially working with couples. Jussi and I have worked together often in treatment teams, co-therapy and case conceptualization. He has a gift and I would highly recommend him!

marileeMarilee Pierce Dunker, Author, Ambassador for World Vision

I have personally sought Mitzi’s insightful counsel on a number of occasions and been both encouraged and helped.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing professional guidance to get beyond life’s sticky messes.

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You’ll receive expert guidance and proven-skills to

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  • become a more effective parent
  • overcome depression & anxiety
  • heal from trauma
  • end self-destructive behaviors

When clients finish at New Growth, they consistently report feelings of inner peace and vastly improved relationships.

“My anxiety was overwhelming me – I could barely function at work or keep it together at home. Counseling gave me the tools that create security and bring confidence.”

“My anxiety was overwhelming me – I could barely function at work or keep it together at home. Counseling gave me the tools that create security and bring confidence.”



Depression, anxiety and loneliness are terrible places to be stuck.  At  New Growth Counseling you’ll discover your core blocks, and learn how to overcome them once and for all.  You’ll move beyond your past and feel better about yourself, allowing you to form better relationships.  Want to know more?


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New Growth Counseling Couples Counseling

“After the affair we both wondered if our relationship was over. Couples counseling helped us heal and release resentments so we could forgive and trust again.”





Disconnection and strife can ruin a relationship.  At New Growth Counseling, you’ll learn how to end the negative patterns of communication, and move beyond past hurts.  Your relationship can be secure, loving, and fulfilling again.  Want to know more?



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New Growth Counseling Family Counseling

“Our son was struggling and no matter how we tried to help, he pushed us away. Family counseling helped us to really understand him and now he feels safe enough to open up and let us in again.”




When conflict and mistrust become chronic between parents and kids, the home stops feeling like a sanctuary.  At New Growth Counseling, you’ll discover how to end the negative communication and rebuild trust.  Experience the warmth and closeness of a secure parent-child bond again.  Want to know more?


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New Growth Counseling Adolescent Counseling

“Our daughter’s self-esteem plummeted when she entered high school, and we were worried. Individual and family counseling helped her find her worth and helped us build her up. She’s making better choices now and developing some healthy peer relationships.”




The teenage years are challenging for everyone in the family and navigating them is never easy.  At New Growth Counseling, you and your teen will find the guidance and support you need to face the challenges while maintaining mutual respect and remaining connected.  Want to know more?



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It takes courage to reach out when times are difficult.

New Growth Counselors create a warm, safe environment where you can open up sensitive issues and feel understood.  All of our counselors offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation so you can get a feel for us before you commit to starting therapy.

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