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Our professionals are highly-trained in individual, marriage, and family counseling for adults, kids and teens. We're dedicated to providing quality therapy that achieves your goals for change. You need to feel confident that your therapist is a good match and will develop a plan that works for you and your loved ones. This site is designed to help you discover if one of our Carlsbad counselors is right for you - contact us today for a FREE 20-minute consultation.


Our Counselors connect quickly and easily with people of all ages.

We collaborate with you to identify and overcome the barriers that lead to change. Our clients report feeling supported and cared-for by us throughout the process. We solicit regular feedback from you to ensure that our interventions are relevant, practical, and helping you progress.

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We provide therapy to individuals, couples, kids, teens and parents in Carlsbad CA

Marriage and family counseling should be based on methods that work. We use Emotionally Focused Therapy, which is proven by research to heal relationship conflict, overcome depression and anxiety, deal with grief and loss, repair from trauma, and eliminate self-destructive behaviors and habits. We are also a center for learning, providing presentations to the public that are fun and practical. We also provide training for therapists seeking to learn EFT and improve their skills.


Our approach and methods

We want to be aligned with you on your journey to growth, and invite you to read more about the methods and philosophies we employ to bring about change for you and your loved ones. More about our counseling approach...

Clients who report the most progress tend to...

  • Appreciate & practice the skills they acquire in sessions
  • Value growth and healing in themelves and their relationships
  • Understand that therapeutic growth is a wise investment in themselves
  • View their therapist as a trusted coach and facilitator of change