There is HOPE for your relationship in Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

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Healing Broken Trust

Reconnect Sexually

Negative patterns can change.

You need the roadmap that will create the change you seek – but finding that as a team has been challenging.  Our counselors know the way and will guide you on the path.

We help couples….

  • End negative patterns and communicate effectively
  • Resolve conflicts and solve problems as a team
  • Repair injuries, rebuild trust, and truly forgive
  • Reconnect sexually and emotionally
  • Parent effectively as a team

How do we know if we need couples counseling?

One or more symptoms below indicate you’re at risk:
  • You’re stuck in a pattern of negative interactions
  • You’re chronically misunderstood by your partner
  • You’re disconnected emotionally or sexually
  • You feel injured in ways that are not acknowledged or repaired
  • You feel chronically blamed, judged, or criticized
  • Your partner is defensive towards you
  • You often feel shut-out or abandoned
  • No matter what you do, your partner does not forgive you
  • You feel hopeless about the relationship and are burned out.

Get relationship help now

Difficut relationships can change.  All it takes to get started is the willingness to try.  We will help you do something new – at first the changes are small, but over time they add up to something huge.  We undertsand not everyone will make it and we know how to help those situations to minimize collateral damage.  Don’t wait – let us help you break the negative cycle now.

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Testimonials for New Growth Counseling

Karen Merhringer

Karen Mehringer, Author, Speaker
 Jussi is an incredible therapist who is keenly intuitive and honoring of his client’s process. I trust him implicitly and highly recommend him for healing and transformation of any kind.

Dr. Mark Maxwell, Couples Therapist

Jussi is an outstanding therapist, especially working with couples. Jussi and I have worked together often in treatment teams, co-therapy and case conceptualization. He has a gift and I would highly recommend him!

marileeMarilee Pierce Dunker, Author, Ambassador for World Vision

I have personally sought Mitzi’s insightful counsel on a number of occasions and been both encouraged and helped.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing professional guidance to get beyond life’s sticky messes.

Who are the counselors? What are they like as people?

We invite you to find out.  We’re regular people who’ve been through many of the struggles our clients deal with, so we get it.  We’re also highly trained professionals who get excellent results consistently.  All of us have videos and personal pages you can preview.  We’ll also take 20-minutes with you at no cost so you can really get a feel for who we are.

Meet our Couples Counselors

Will counseling even work? How can I know?

Many people are in deep need by the time they search for a therapist.  We want you to know that this process works, but we understand you want something that will work this time.  At New Growth, we use evidence-based methods that result in 85% success rates with couples .  These techniques have been thoroughly researched over years and stand the test of time.

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Can I use my insurance?

You pay good money for your insurance, but will it cover counseling?  New Growth is considered “out-of-network” by all insurance companies, so a lot will depend on whether your insurance will reimburse you when you go outside of their network of providers.

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There is HOPE for Couples

New Growth Counseling WORKS for you!

  –   Proven therapy methods
–         Effective tools & skills
–     A road-map for success

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