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Negative interactions can change

You need a roadmap to create the changes you want – but finding that as a family has been challenging.  Our counselors know the way and will support and guide you on the path.

We help families…

  • End negative patterns and communicate effectively
  • Repair injuries and rebuild broken trust
  • Enjoy the company of each other again

We help parents

  • Parent effectively as a team
  • Deal with their kids negative behaviors or attitudes
  • Resolve conflicts and solve everyday problems as a team
  • Understand the needs of their kids

We help kids and teens

  • Stop negative / destructive behaviors and attitudes
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Overcome depression and anxiety
  • Succeed with friends and academics
  • Open-up to a safe adult who cares and can help

How do we know if we need family counseling?

One or more symptoms below indicate your kid is at risk:
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Anger and Rage
  • Negative or destructive behaviors and attitudes
  • Sudden changes in behavior, mood, or academic performance
  • Being bullied or bullying
  • Parent – child conflict that doesn’t resolve
  • Oppositional, defiant attidues and behaviors
  • Withdrawn and isolating from family & peers
  • Suicide thoughts or impulses
  • Alcohol or Substance use
  • Parents feel they’ve lost control
  • Parents who feel overwhelmed
  • Divorce & remarriage

Get help for your kids and you now

Parenting is the hardest job on the planet.   When the bond between you and your kids starts fray, the most important thing you can do is sure it up.  We’ll help you do this, even when they’re pushing you away.  At first the changes are small, but over time they add up to something huge.  Don’t wait – let us help you break the negative cycle now.

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Who are the counselors? What are they like as people?

We invite you to find out.  We’re regular people who’ve been through many of the struggles our clients deal with, so we get it.  We’re also highly trained professionals who get excellent results consistently.  All of us have videos and personal pages you can preview.  We’ll also take 20-minutes with you at no cost so you can really get a feel for who we are.

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Will counseling even work? How can I know?

Many people are in deep need by the time they search for a therapist.  We want you to know that this process works, but we understand you want something that will work this time.  At New Growth, we use evidence-based methods that result in 85% success rates with couples .  These techniques have been thoroughly researched over years and stand the test of time.

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Can I use my insurance?

You pay good money for your insurance, but will it cover counseling?  New Growth is considered “out-of-network” by all insurance companies, so a lot will depend on whether your insurance will reimburse you when you go outside of their network of providers.

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