Insurance Reimbursement at New Growth Counseling

Can I use insurance at New Growth?  Although we do not accept insurance as payment, nor bill insurance companies, you CAN get reimbursement if your insurance plan allows you to go out-of-network.  To get started, you should contact them and ask the following questions:

1. Will my plan reimburse me directly when I go to an out-of-network provider? (New Growth is out-of-network).

2. Does my plan cover mental health benefits?

3. What are the terms of my plan—do I have a deductible?

4. What paperwork does my insurance carrier require? This is usually a one-page claim form that the carrier provides to you.

Next, you will need to fill out their claim form – this typically takes 2 minutes, and we can help you if needed.  Make certain that you fill out your insurance claim so that you are the one getting reimbursed. Otherwise, the company will issue a check payable to us, and this will be sent back to them, delaying your reimbursement by weeks or months.  Finally, you will receive a monthly statement from our bookkeeper (typically via email on the first Friday of the month).  It will have all the relevant information your insurance carrier will want to process the claim, including a diagnosis. If your insurance restricts any diagnoses, notify us about this before seeking reimbursement.

Please let your therapist know if you have any questions or require assistance.  We’re glad to help!

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